Empower Plugin for BioBook

Empower to BioBook Integration: Robust.Flexible.Easy.

To BioBook from Empower.

The Empower plugin provides a tight integration between BioBook and Empower in two ways: Exporting data from Biobook to Empower, and importing data from Empower to Biobook.


Flexible Search Capability.

Flexible search capability when exporting/importing data to/from the Empower server.


Custom Columns? No Problem.

Empower is flexible at defining custom columns, and the plugin utilizes BioBook’s Catalog feature to provide the similar flexibility, so any custom column in Empower can be automatically recognized by the plugin.


Sample and injection sequence information is prepared in BioBook.

The Empower Plugin sends the data to Empower so samples can be processed.

Samples are analyzed and the chromatography data is captured in Empower.

The Plugin automatically retrieves the raw data directly into Biobook tables.

Data is ready in BioBook for additional analysis and calculations.