Get access to all of your ELN data

The ENQUiRE reporting solution provides a commercially supported query and reporting service for all of your eWorkbook data.

A simple and straightforward solution.

ENQUiRE for eWorkbook and Biobook enables users to query and report data stored in the IDBS eWorkbook Electronic Laboratory Notebook database via an eWorkbook “plugin” or through a programmatic interface (API).

Reporting via the eWorkbook plugin enables users to submit requests to the reporting server for reports based on a single experiment or a group of experiments. The plugin provides a user interface that enables users to easily build complex queries and identify and filter the specific data they would like included in the requested report. The report is delivered to the user in the format of an MS Word document.

Querying via the programmatic interface enables external data systems to query the eWorkbook and BioBook experiments and database. The query is executed via the web services interface using straightforward web services methods to find data easily and quickly. ENQUiRE also includes more complex methods that enable the external system to query for specific data using a structured request.

Key Features & Functions

ENQUiRE Plugin for eWorkbook enables eWorkbook users to initiate reporting requests from within the ELN application. In addition, the plugin provides notifications for and links to submitted and completed requests.

The ENQUiRE Tool is designed and built to provide the following:

Developer UI is a web based interface which enables developers to create reporting templates and configure the templates for use by the users.

Query API is a web services interface that enables external applications to query eWorkbook and BioBook data.

Aggregate Reporting is the ability to query and report across multiple experiments and multiple templates.

Functional Overview

The following represents a high level system view of the proposed ENQUiRE solution. LabCentrix will deliver a solution that meets the proposed objectives.

Below is a high level context diagram which shows the ENQUiRE functional modules and a high-level user story:

ENQUiRE Server

The server hosts the query engine, web site, and the web services for queries and reports. The web server also hosts a small database that will store report requests, eWorkbook metadata, and other statistics which are necessary to the operation of the the server.

Reporting Interface

The reporting interface processes report requests submitted using the ENQUiRE plugin. The reporting interface uses the query engine and predefined report templates to generate near-final reports in MS Word format. Once a report is generated, a user can access the report via the plugin interface, the web site, and/or have the report emailed to them.

Query API

The query API provides a web services based interface for external applications to use for querying eWorkbook and BioBook data. The API uses the same query engine as the reporting interface, and generates data objects that are consumable by external applications. The query API returns structured data objects as results of the requests submitted to it. The types of requests supported include, but are not limited to:

  • Get Experiments by User/Template/Date Range
  • Get Experiments by field/property value
  • Get Text, Image, Attachment for experiment(s)
  • Get Spreadsheet, Chart, Structure, Table for BioBook experiment(s)
  • Get all data for experiment

Web Site

The ENQUiRE website provides an interface for administrators, developers, and users. Administrators can monitor requests, errors, and other vital operational information. Developers will use the website to configure reporting templates and Users can use the web site to access requested reports.


The dashboard enables system administrators to monitor requests, errors, and other vital information. It will provide an intuitive view of the reporting solution. The following statistics will be included in the dashoard:

  • Current Users Logged in
  • Database size
  • Number of report requests
  • Number of Query API requests
  • Number of emails sent
  • Number of system errors

Report/Query Configuration

The report/query configuration pages enable developers to create and configure reporting templates. The templates map experiment data/fields/objects to placeholders in MS Word Documents. The developer uses the web interface to choose an eWorkbook or BioBook experiment template, upload a properly formatted MS Word Document, and create the reporting templates that end-users can use to generate reports. The configuration pages also enable developers to manage and version reporting templates.

Report Management

The report management page enables end users to view and retrieve previously requested reports and also enables users to submit requests for reports. The primary interface for end users is the ENQUiRE plugin, the report management page provides an alternate interface for retrieving reports when the end user is not using eWorkbook.

ENQUiRE Plugin

The ENQUiRE plugin for eWorkbook enables users to request reports from within the eWorkbook application. It provides an interface for configuring the report requests (filtering data, setting color coding parameters, and choosing the data that will be reported). In addition, it provides a preview of the requested report. Notifications of completed requests and report retrieval are also functions of the plugin.

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