FlowJo Plugin for BioBook

Flexible Flow Cytometer Integration!

From FlowJo to BioBook

The purpose of the plug-in is to provide a tight integration between E-Workbook/BioBook and FlowJo. This tight integration will allow users to directly import results from FlowJo into tables within BioBook.

Numerical data will be imported in two parts: the column names and the numerical results. In FlowJo, users have the option to rename columns. The numerical results will be imported into another table based on the column index.


Graphical data, generated images and plots will be imported from the FlowJo Layout Editor. The editor allows users to specify images and plots in a certain order. Each layout editor can contain multiple plots and even multiple pages of plots.


Additional information, the WSP file stores the instrument used to acquire data. Many WSP files also store instrument settings details. This information may be captured.