In Vivo Solution for BioBook

Easier, more flexible, data capture and configuration!

A Direct and Secure Solution.

This template offers a straightforward way to securely capture in-vivo experimental data and analyze the results and output.

Our In Vivo Solution Adapts to Your Lab's BioBook Needs

The solution allows you to maintain the flexibility and advanced configuration options necessary to fit a wide variety of experiments and their custom workflow requirements.

The Experiment and workflow can be broken into four distinct parts: The Experiment Setup, The Subject Information Entry and Enrollment, The Data Collection Phase, and The Results and Analysis. There are pre-defined and distinct roles available for various individual usage: Principal Investigator, Data Collector, and Dosing Procedures.

And with the reference sheet to the Quick Links, it's easier than ever to find the specific tables you need, when you need them.

Flexible Configurability

In Vivo allows for robust experimental setup which contains pre-defined and distinct roles that required different actions from different individuals during a typical in-vivo study

In vivo studies start with the Experimental setup which includes capturing typical high level experiment information. Information captured during these steps include the ability to determine if a study requires staggered enrollment, identifying measures associated with an experiment as well as flags you’d like to associate with your defined measures, compounds to be used in the experiment, treatments and treatment groups, as well as subjects.

Special Procedures

Principal Investigators have the ability to configure procedures and special procedures that must be followed during the experiment both before and after the enrollment of a subject

This can include and is not limited to capturing body weight, caliper measures and clinical observations when certain conditions are met.

Define the Threshold

The Principal Investigator is also able to define subject enrollment threshold.

So that once the data collector begins capturing measures against each subject they can be notified if a subject meets the predefined qualifications for enrollment


Data Collectors can use randomization to assign subjects to groups once they are qualified and enrolled

The created Randomization Report created is also saved with the experiment.

Easy Data Capture in Real-time

The tablet device allows for easy data capture from within an in vivo experiment real time.

In other words, as data is captured via the tablet device, the BioBook experiment is updated accordingly in real time.

Review Results in a Meaningful Way

The data results and analysis section of the template contain valuable tables that can be accessed at any time with real time data.

These tables summarize information in a significant way which is relevant to the principal investigator during the review of the results. In addition, graphical components are built into the experiment and are updated in real time that allow the principal investigator to identify trends during the course of an in vivo study.

From Instrument to Tablet

The tablet device has the ability to capture data from any instrument.

It's as easy as the identifying the measures during the experimental setup.