The LabCentrix Difference

Our approach guarantees your success

We put your lab at the center of everything we do.

LabCentrix℠ consulting experts focus a wealth of experience on your unique needs. This enables us to deliver the smartest technology solutions for your lab.

We know labs because we've worked in labs. We've also spent decades providing services to labs in multiple industries. Our deep knowledge of informatics products adds tremendous value to businesses implementing software and technology in their laboratories.

Our 3 key commitments.

Our ability to speed your success is based on a three-pronged business model that sets us apart in the marketplace:

  • Our Lab-centric Approach
  • Our Team Guarantee
  • Value-add Technology Solutions

Lab-centric Approach

The way we deploy technology solutions is driven by a deep understanding of your business needs. Your lab's workflows. Your systems. Your challenges and wish lists. Fundamentals of our Lab-centric Approach include:

...that gives implementations a head start.
Research ensure an optimal solution.
Requirements Definition
...that saves significant time and costs.
...of our project lifecycle provided
via our Customer Care Center support.
...that confirm your solution using
Conference Room Pilots
your data, configuration and processes.
...provided via comprehensive
training and knowledge transfer. ensure your project
On-time & In-budget
stays on track with no surprises.
...that reports on major
accomplishments and lessons learned.
...gains user feedback and optimizes
solution use and lab productivity.

Our Team Guarantee

LabCentrix assures you long-term continuity and quality from experts you can count on. We make sure there are no-surprises and you get the expertise you need to be successful. Our Team Guarantee includes:

  • A Dedicated Relationship Manager as your point person that provides ongoing team leadership.
  • A Consistent Team from start to finish.
  • Practical Laboratory Experience to expedite progress and enhance solution quality.
  • Specialized LIMS Software Expertise and intricate product knowledge.
  • Deep Technical Skills that support your IT resources and customization needs.

Value-Add Technology Solutions

From the experts who are dedicated to your specific challenges to cost-effective technology solutions that enhance your work, we are totally centered on your lab and your success. These offerings help you maximize the benefits you realize from your technology investments.

  • Comprehensive Consulting Services ranging from full LIMS implementations and deployment to custom software and validation services.
  • LabCentrix Customer Care support based on an intimate understanding of your lab and technologies.
  • Best-practices Solution Suites offering cost-effective avenues for achieving the quality and functionality you need.