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Success Story

Protein Expression Sciences LIMS Solution Implementation


Mid-Size Pharmaceutical
Protein Expression Sciences (PES) Laboratory

Customer Challenge

The PES laboratory relied on a complex Microsoft Excel template in order to manage its experiment data which presented significant limitations in knowledge management and information sharing capabilities. This data capture method represented significant risk as only one person (the lab manager) had the knowledge to update, maintain, and change the Excel template used for all of the experiments in the lab.

Success Highlights

LabCentrix successfully implemented the company standard LIMS solution (Thermo Scientific's Nautilus), replacing existing manual and excel spreadsheet driven processes, delivering the following capabilities and benefits:

  • Custom User Interfaces—Improved the end-user experience by creating integrated user interfaces that met the lab's specific operational requirements.
  • Significantly Reduced Time Spent per Sample and per Project—automated the workflow process to eliminate manual spreadsheet updates, repetitive data entry, and manual calculations.
  • Seamless Instrument Integration—integrated various lab instruments with the Nautilus system to add additional productivity gains and accuracy improvements.
  • Integration with Corporate Data Systems—maximized integration with data systems to present one integrated interface to the laboratory users.
  • Custom Data Reporting—provided tools and reports for real-time trending, reporting, and export to external statistical analysis tools.