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Success Story

ELN Project Management - Restructure and Re-align


Fortune 500, Pharmaceutical Company— Discovery Laboratories

Customer Challenge

The customer initiated a project to configure and deploy an ELN solution in its Discovery laboratories. After multiple months of struggling to deliver just one experiment template to its users, the customer engaged LabCentrix to manage the project and get it back on track.

Success Highlights

The LabCentrix project manager assessed the project and implemented a number of best-practice strategies to make the project a success. These strategies would help the team more effectively achieve its goals and milestones, improve the quality of the template development, and reduce the overall time of delivering solutions to end users. LabCentrix managed and guided customer and vendor resources on the project to the successful roll out of an initial set of templates for the discovery labs and to the anxiously waiting users.

LabCentrix managed the ELN project for 6 months and implemented the following strategies:

  • Established Project Governance—created a framework and infrastructure in which the project team could set priorities, make decisions about deployments, and effectively execute the plan to meet the goals and objectives set by the company.
  • Defined SOPs—designed, developed, and implemented the processes and procedures for , requirements definition, configuration, documentation, and ongoing support and maintenance of the solution.
  • Reduced Cost and Time to develop and deploy—after involving LabCentrix, the average time to develop a template for a laboratory was reduced by more than 70% and the cost was reduced by more than 60%.
  • Enabled Successful Roll Out—by empowering the users and establishing a systematic plan to move templates from development, through test, and into production.