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Success Story

Thermo Scientific Nautilus™ LIMS Solution Implementation


Fortune 500, Pharmaceutical Company—R&D
High Throughput Organic Synthesis (HTOS) Laboratory

Customer Challenge

The HTOS laboratory relied on 3 automated systems in order to manage its business processes which presented significant limitations associated with knowledge management and information sharing capabilities. These systems also represented added IT resource costs and time in the area of user support and system management.

Success Highlights

Successfully deployed Nautilus 7 in 7 months and in-budget delivering the following capabilities and benefits:

  • Consolidated 3 LIMS Systems—eliminated redundant, disparate systems.
  • Custom Workflows—automated the lab’s processes ensuring the HTOS group has a fully integrated scenario with a single data entry point and a robust, centralized data repository.
  • Easy-to-use Web Interface—built to streamline data submission, minimize user errors through all the worldwide sites and secured access for tracking library submissions.
  • Electronic Notebook Capabilities—developed as an integrated function of the LIMS solution to efficiently manage all the workflow steps.
  • Instrument Integration—integrated various lab instruments with the Nautilus system to add additional productivity gains and accuracy improvements.
  • Data Reporting Tool—maximized search capabilities including structure, sub-structure and reactions searching with quick views and drill down access.
  • Data Export Capabilities—provided quick data access for extended analysis and reporting with common tools and file formats.
  • Bottom-line Improvements—improved productivity, reduced errors, centralized data repository for easier information access and tracking and gained IT support efficiencies.

Customer Quote

"LabCentrix was more willing and able to adapt to what we wanted than any other service providers we have worked with."