SmartManager for Nautilus

Increase the value of your Scientific Nautilus™ solution

Increase the Power, Capabilities and Value of Your Thermo Scientific Nautilus Solution

Now you can significantly increase the efficiency and throughput of your lab—with a software product that extends the value of your existing Thermo Scientific Nautilus™ LIMS solution. Amplify™ SmartManager™ for Nautilus™ optimizes the performance of the background processor. You’ll benefit from insights and capabilities you never had before—so you can manage your resources more effectively and supply critical lab information more quickly.

Your Nautilus system makes a productive contribution to your lab's operations. SmartManager for Nautilus amplifies that contribution by making your LIMS solution even more efficient and valuable.

Tightly integrated with the Nautilus background processor, SmartManager allows you to optimize the way background jobs are managed and executed on your servers. SmartManager achieves these improvements in two ways: First, it adds capabilities to help you easily configure, monitor, analyze and manage how your resources are utilized. Second, it enables you to run multiple processors on a single server—so you can significantly increase throughput by taking full advantage of your available computing power.

The best part is that you get all these capabilities in an out-of-the-box solution that's extremely easy to use.

Realize Peak Performance from Your Nautilus Background Processor

SmartManager makes quick work of streamlining your LIMS background processing and eliminating bottlenecks.

Whether you need to set up additional servers, prioritize tasks and workflows or have the same server engage multiple processors—SmartManager makes it possible. As an added bonus, you may even be able to reduce the number of machines required to run your Nautilus solution, saving overall system costs and reducing maintenance time and expenses.

Take Full Control of Your Workflows

SmartManager gives you total control of how your background processors are used.

SmartManager unleashes the power of Nautilus background processors by enabling you to specify which background processors will perform which jobs. This gives you the power to distribute the work across your processor farm...long running workflow events will no longer hold up the entire lab. SmartManager also gives you the power to assign instruments to individual, dedicated, background processors.

Eliminate background processor bottlenecks

Amplify SmartManager for Nautilus eliminates background processor bottlenecks and improves lab productivity.

Adding SmartManager to your Nautilus solution helps to solve the problem of the single-threaded background processor. Often the background processor is the bottleneck in an enterprise Nautilus implementation. Adding SmartManager to your solution removes the bottleneck to ensure that all workflow events are freely and efficiently being processed. Get SmartManager today!