Word Reporting Plugin
for BioBook

Better, more robust, push-to-word functionality!

Attain Greater, Resilient Push-to-Word Functionality for BioBook

Using the Word Report Plugin and Completed BioBook experiments, you are able to quickly create Word Report Deliverables.

The Word Report Plugin allows you to reduce the time required to produce documentation for an experiment.

It provides an effortless way to manage experiment documentation and a standard output for straightforward experiment consumption.

The Word Report Plugin also allows you the flexibility to filter results, limit or constrain tables, and only display data that meets a certain condition. It can conditionally format results to make certain pieces of key information more visible for consumers of the final report.


One-click final reports!

It allows for flexible configuration of report templates and “one click” report generation. It no longer requires 10 steps to generate a report

Easy report configuration

It has a user-friendly interface for the creation and mapping of reporting templates to MS Word documents using standard MS Word placeholders

Print directly from BioBook experiments

It uses the BioBook spreadsheet structure, therefore allowing you to add data to a report directly from the existing table, column, and even at the cell level. You no longer have to create additional tables or views in your templates to meet your reporting requirement

Dynamic dimensions

It is smart enough to handle tables with dynamic dimensions; it creates report tables with a variable number of rows and columns when the report is generated. You no longer have to recreate the reporting template every time the number of dynamic dimensions changes

Easily filter report data

It allows for complex data filtering of experiment data at multiple levels: tables, columns (dimensions), and fields (cells). It will even enable you to specify business logic based on actual experiment data that determines whether or not a section of a report will be generated

Reports Saved

Reports saved with the experiment

Generated word reports are created as entities in the experiment so they share the experiment’s attributes